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Dubai Municipality rationalises expenses using 'Sand Recycling' initiative
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Dubai Municipality rationalises expenses using 'Sand Recycling' initiative

Through a new initiative in which excavation by-products like sand are being recycled, Dubai Municipality has managed to reduce expenses by AED154 million and increase revenues by AED108 million. 

The initiative, called "Sustainable Smart Management of Drilling Products", focuses on the optimal use of excavation by-products through recycling, as opposed to sending them to waste dumps as was previously the case. 

"In addition to that, it reduces the cost of construction by reducing the cost of sand transport. We supply them and transport them in the same area within the shortest possible distance and time through the use of GIS techniques," said Layali Al Mulla, Director of Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality. 

Al Mulla added that the department regulates the re-circulation of sand resulting from drilling and construction work using high-quality technical monitoring and issues permits for transporting sand and supervising its movement from and to all construction sites in the emirate. 

She went on to explain that the initiative also helps reduce cases of violations committed by some transport companies, which negatively impacts on the environment and affects efficiency of the construction process. 

Depending on the type and quality, sand can be transferred between construction sites, to beaches, or other areas, as part of efforts to make optimal use of resources for the benefit of society and to support sustainability, Al Mulla said.


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