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Renewable Energy Choice

Renewable Choice is the leading supplier of green power for LEED, and to the green building market.

The Corporate Social Responsibility mission of Renewable Choice includes the following green commitments:

"Zero waste – we have full-spectrum office material and cell phone recycling, and composting programs

Clean Energy – our office and employee home electricity is offset with wind power

Reduced travel – we have reduced corporate travel by 50% since 2008

Carbon reductions – we offset the carbon impact of emissions from all business travel, as well as employee personal vehicle use

Alternative transportation - we provide the RTD Eco Pass to employees for free bus and rail transportation and encourage and support use of alternative transportation

Telework options – we support telework options for our employees that helps reduce their need to drive to work

Green auto care – we offer matching funds benefit to employees for Green Garage, a local environmentally-minded car repair and maintenance provider

Reduced resource use - we make an effort to reduce waste whenever possible, including using electronic forms of communication, turning off lights, in-house water filter instead of bottled water, etc.

Green office products - we purchase recycled and reusable office products whenever possible

Responsible vendors - we utilize green-friendly vendors, such as copy services, natural snack vending and more, whenever possible

Standards and affiliations – we are a member of Climate Registry, U.S. Green Building Association, American Wind Energy Association, EPA Green Power Partnership, Renewable Energy Marketers Association, and more.


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