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Toyota starts battery-recycling business
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Toyota starts battery-recycling business

Toyota has started the world's first recycling business for the nickel in hybrid-vehicle batteries for re-use in such batteries.

Toyota Chemical Engineering Co., wholly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corp., along with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. and Toyota's battery production subsidiary, Primearth EV Energy Co., will work with the car maker to recycle the nickel in nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Toyota Tsusho is a Toyota Motor-affiliated trading company.

Previously, recycled nickel for hybrid-car batteries was used in stainless-steel manufacturing. The new business will re-use the recycled batteries to make new hybrid-vehicle batteries.

For Toyota, the world's biggest hybrid car seller, such recycling will reduce the production costs of hybrid vehicle batteries.

Toyota said it has established a call center to help recover the batteries. The company is looking at introducing the recycling system overseas, it said.


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