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Thames & Kosmos - Environment Learning Kits
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Thames & Kosmos - Environment Learning Kits

Thames and Kosmos was founded with the mission of improving informal science ronment education by publishing high-quality technology related educational products for children of all ages.

The Power House kit provides an engaging introduction to regenerative energy sources while teaching basic concepts and principles in physical science. The kit focuses on the heat and light energy from the sun, the energy from the wind, as well as with electrochemical and plant energy. the children will learn how to transform and use these forms of energy.

With the Power House kit a child can build a model house complete with solar panels, windmill, greenhouse, and desalination system. One can build and operate an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric motor, power hoist, sail car, and more! Plant watercress, prepare sauerkraut, and make chewing gum. Learn how plants convert sunlight into energy for the body.

The thoughtfully designed series of experiments was developed by physicist Uwe Wandrey. Professor Wandrey creatively integrates physical science and technology lessons with the adventure of building a home and living on a remote island. To survive, one must learn how to harness the power of the sun and the wind as well as tap the energy of other physical forces. The storyline follows the experiments in a stepwise fashion. Easy-to-follow activities make it fun to build models and use them for experiments.

An Adventure in Sustainable Living

The Power House Experiment Manual is much more than just a set of instructions. The manual is organized around the story of a group of island dwellers who must learn to live sustainably using the resources available to them on their small island. As one reads their journal entries and learn of their projects and experiments, one can build models of the same projects and conduct the same experiments alongside them.


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