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Ecomodo - The marketplace of good returns
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Ecomodo - The marketplace of good returns

Ecomodo is an online marketplace that lets you lend and borrow each other’s everyday objects, skills and spaces with confidence. You can lend for free, for a fee or for charity and they facilitate the transaction to make good returns for all.

Use Ecomodo to ..

Make and save money
Become a lender and earn money by lending the assets you already have.
Become a borrower and save cash by borrowing the things you don’t need often.

Do a good turn
Choose to donate your proceeds to a favourite good cause.
Help the people around you by sharing what you have.

Lend and borrow confidently
Control who can borrow your items by joining or creating trusted lending circles.
Choose insurance or deposits for extra peace of mind.

Live a richer life
Gain access to the things you need to follow their dreams, pursue their interests and do the boring jobs more quickly.

Be green
Reduce your collective effect on the environment by pooling their resources.

Lending and borrowing on Ecomodo is very simple. Lenders can lend everyday objects, skills, and spaces to the people around them and Borrowers can gain access to the things they need for a short period of time.

Through Ecomodo you can lend or borrow pretty much anything you like ..

- Objects an electric drill, hedge cutter, baby chair, tent or other household products
- Skills guitar lessons, computer repair, gardening advice, DJ or other hidden talents
- Spaces a garage, a car parking space, classroom or beach hut to name but a few

Ecomodo is at the beginning of a journey, launched 5 months ago, with the goals of creating a sustainable business around driving a new market in lending and borrowing.

- Nearly 1000 members are signed up across the UK with particular depth near Edinburgh, Newcastle, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Brighton, London and Guernsey. (Service only available in the UK at present)

- Nearly 600 items are available to borrow across the UK including bikes, kayaks, power tools, tents, megaphones, skills such as aerial photography and bicycle mending, and spaces such as greenhouse space and spare rooms.

- 67 members have set up lending circles for their neighbourhood, workplace, club, PTA or charity.


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