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Smart meters and grids can save GCC up to $10 billion in capacity investment by 2020
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Smart meters and grids can save GCC up to $10 billion in capacity investment by 2020

Countries of the GCC can potentially save over US$ 5 to 10 billion in infrastructural investment by 2020, through the use of smart technology in monitoring and measuring energy usage, according to a recent study by global management consultants, A.T. Kearney.

The report indicates that the use of smart metering and smart grids can predict usage patterns and adjust power generation and transmission to convey energy to the place where it is needed the most. These potential ground breaking technologies combined with the use of energy-efficient lighting and illumination systems can prove extremely beneficial to the economies of the GCC, which are known for their high energy use.

“With the extreme weather conditions that prevail in the region, energy consumption is very high. There is in-tense interest in technologies that enable optimum benefits to individuals and companies while at the same time saving energy,” said Ahmed Pauwels, Chief Executive Officer of Epoc Messe Frankfurt, organiser of Light Middle East 2011, which will focus interest on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions and design.

“The exhibition and conference will highlight the role played by smart technology in resource conservation, efficient use of energy and less polluting methods of consumption. The issue is even more relevant in today’s modern environment as high levels of power consumption have been straining the generation and transmission facilities in the region. The use of smart metering and grids in tandem with energy-efficient modern lighting sys-tems can result in huge savings for local economies,” he added.

Some of the exhibitors participating at Light Middle East will be showcasing their ranges of smart technology lighting solutions. Thorn Lighting MENA, with a wide range of applications from road lighting to sport lighting and from indoor to outdoor lighting, is one of the prominent exhibitors at the event. Their new Orus Luminaire is a brand new concept which puts a compact low wattage metal halide lamp in a special bi-directional optic. The resulting product is a low energy light with asymmetric distribution and no glare. The new lighting system can be seen at the Meydan Race Course VIP Bridge in Dubai.

Thorn is also responsible for an energy saving but effective lighting scheme that controls obtrusive light and provides safe and secure illumination at the car parks at Paris-Orly Airport. Part of the StyLED road lantern range, it was first launched during Light + Building 2010 in Frankfurt. This year in September at Light Middle East Thorn will focus on the control systems and on the ‘touch and feel’ experience of the PEC tour.

Kevin Lander, General Manager, Zumtobel Group, MENA region, commented: “There are so many elements to be considered when implementing design projects. Combining a range of different energy efficient solutions in the varying areas of the project can result in very efficient savings, as well as huge environmental benefits. In terms of lighting solutions, new smart technology has now made it possible to ensure that the lighting design within a project follows stringent environmental or energy efficient solutions. Light Middle East in September will be the ideal platform for us to showcase such smart technologies that Thorn has under its portfolio.”

Light Middle East 2011, which runs from September 12 to 14, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibi-tion Centre, is the largest trade event and conference for urban architectural, theatrical and retail lighting design and solutions in the region. The event highlights the latest trends and developments in the industry and reflects the increasing concern over green issues that are impacting the world of lighting internationally.


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