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Siemens and Volkswagen drive environmental consciousness
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Siemens and Volkswagen drive environmental consciousness

Two world class German brands, Siemens and Volkswagen, have created a partnership in the Middle East that will provide mobility solutions for employees that help further drive environmental awareness and behavioural change to help shape the future of mobility in the UAE.

Through this collaboration, Siemens and Volkswagen will roll-out a phased initiative in the UAE that will gradually upgrade Siemens’ entire car fleet across the GCC to be more environmentally friendly. The first phase will see an initial twelve standard and hybrid Volkswagen Touareg models handed over to Siemens for their use in the UAE. This will then be followed by a gradual upgrade to fuel-efficient cars across the entire GCC.

Commenting on the collaboration, Stefan Mecha, Managing Director, Volkswagen Middle East said: “Siemens and Volkswagen have had a long history of collaboration working on developing parts, technology and processes, and now we have this eco-friendly initiative. We look forward to providing cars and training for fuel efficient driving to Siemens employees in the UAE.”

Given both companies’ commitment to innovation, the environment, responsible corporate behaviour and value for its customers, this effort to reduce CO2 emissions makes complete sense for the companies to align on. The initiative also includes actions to educate employees on efficient driving skills to reduce fuel usage and get more economical benefit from the vehicles. “This regional partnership is in line with Siemens’ global aim to help reduce CO2 emissions by 300 million tonnes” commented Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO Energy Sector, Siemens Middle East. “But the cost savings that will come from more efficient fuel use also make this a smart thing to do from a business perspective,” explained Mr. Siersdorfer.

The Siemens and Volkswagen collaboration is also in line with the UAE government’s own efforts to promote environmentally friendly car fleets.


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