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Green Stories Launches Plastic Free Campaign
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The Green Ecostore was launched in 2009, with the aim of introducing the UAE to ecofriendly products.

According to Anu Agarwal, Founder of, "Ten years later, our journey continues. Today, we are an established woman-owned eco-business in the UAE. Our range of products are used by individuals and companies across the UAE. We are striving to make a difference by the amount of reusable and recycled products used all across the UAE. I’m also incredibly proud to partner with the best eco manufacturers in the world and sell our products via a range of retail and online stores. Our products help in reducing the carbon footprint and help UAE residents reuse and recycle." has launched the 'Plastic Free' campaign for July 2019. All shoppers are entitled for 25% discount on selected products. 

Here are 10 steps anyone can take towards living a plastic-free life:

1. Use reusable bags whenever you go shopping

2. Identify which products you buy contain plastic

3. Choose the three easiest products to replace

4. Write down why you’re making the change to a plastic-free life

5. Start using a reusable coffee cup

6. Start using a reusable drink bottle

7. Cut out frozen meals

8. Take a trip to the farmer’s market

9. Shop online instead of instore

10. Join a community of like-minded individuals

The aim is to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic and challenges people to do something about it.

Without earth, there is no life. Plastic Free July is a great place to start to help make sure we have an earth.


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