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ALFAHIM Group, Emirates Nature-WWF Plant Ghaf seed
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ALFAHIM Group, Emirates Nature-WWF Plant Ghaf seed

ALFAHIM Group announced that it is continuing to promote the significance of the Ghaf Tree and the importance of preserving the country’s natural habitat through a series of engaging activities with Emirates Nature in association with WWF.

Spearheaded by Ahmed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim - Chairman of ALFAHIM Group, Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, Director General at Emirates Nature-WWF, and Hanadi Mohamed Al Fahim, Director of Al Fahim Family Governance Office, the aim of ALFAHIM Group’s Ghaf Tree campaign is to continue the long-lasting legacy of the founding father of the UAE, late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan of cultivating an environment-conscious community. Starting with a humble Ghaf seed sown in the beautiful gardens of Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, the nature-driven activity symbolised the beginning of a new journey.

Speaking at the tree-planting ceremony, Ahmed AJ Al Fahim, said: “This Ghaf seed represents our continued commitment to growing with the UAE and driving the community towards further appreciating our natural resources. Sustainability is among ALFAHIM Group’s corporate social responsibility pillars and demonstrates our keenness to bring about change and inspire our society to realise the importance of protecting nature for coming generations.”

Following this occasion, Al Fahim family members and employees participated in an engaging competition around the Ghaf Tree and its deeply rooted connection to the heritage of the UAE. Taking place at the group’s Annual Iftar Gathering, winners of the competition were commended by the Chairman of ALFAHIM Group in the presence of more than 900 family and staff members.  

At the gathering, Hanadi Al Fahim, highlighted: “We are focusing on generating awareness among the public and youth circles by starting with our third generation family members and employees to build a solid foundation for our planned Connect with Nature Ghaf Tree majlises this year. Through this joint partnership, our ultimate goal is to foster a community of passionate environmental leaders.”   

Some of the group’s subsidiaries have followed suit with their employees participating in a number of activities, including Ghaf tree planting with Takatof’s Paint Happiness initiative and a desert-cleaning drive under a campaign called Arqoubna Our Environment.

Last month, the group announced its strategic partnership with Emirates-WWF to rollout Connect with Nature Ghaf Majlises marking the 2019 Year of Tolerance. Having been honoured for leading a journey of declaring the Ghaf Tree the National Tree of the UAE, ALFAHIM Group is looking to create a more knowledgeable society which cares for the country’s natural habitat and its deeply rooted traditions.  


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