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Robots Will Build an Artificial Reef in Gulf Waters
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Robots Will Build an Artificial Reef in Gulf Waters

With artificial intelligence and robotics, “we can build an underwater artificial reef in the Arabian Gulf capable of replenishing fish stocks, protecting natural species and marine life.” This is astonishing thinking behind Team Bahrain’s participation in the FIRST Global Challenge 2019 in Dubai this week, which focuses on the theme “Ocean Opportunities”. Team Bahrain is thinking big.

The members of the Bahraini team bring various specializations in programming, computer science and robotics to the annual robotics competition that has drawn more than 190 to Dubai this week for its third and biggest edition yet.

Qassim Al Koheji, a team member, stressed that nothing is impossible with ambitious ideas such as building an artificial reef off the coast of Bahrain and in the Arabian Gulf to find new habitats for marine life. The participation of the Bahraini team, he said, “reflects the capability of the Bahraini youth to compete globally in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.”

Dania Hani, another team member, said that their participation in this competition only increases their desire to challenge themselves when it comes to innovating for the future prosperity of the Kingdom. She added that they are, “living [through] a new experience since we have landed in the UAE to participate in the competition.”

Khalid Janahi, the team's supervisor, said that being part of the championship is an honor and a duty, especially with robotics applications gaining momentum in Bahrain.

Today, the world is experiencing a variety of robotics’ use in areas that challenge humans at the level of rough terrain, extreme weather conditions and high, or very low, temperatures and atmospheric pressure.In this context, innovative ideas are being put forward for using robots in the construction of new habitats for marine life, rather than those destroyed by rising ocean temperatures or increasing pollution, especially in areas where work is costly, both in human and material terms, such as in deep water.

Artificial intelligence can be used to develop best-case scenarios, suggestions and filter favorite sites to create an artificial reef, both in terms of the nature of the terrain, water temperature, or the movements of sea currents, to enhance the conditions for the prosperity of marine life in the water.

Organized by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), the First Global Challenge allows teams to represent their countries to leverage the applications of robotics and artificial intelligence in developing innovative solutions to pressing challenges and creating a better future for mankind. This year's edition of international competitions focuses on finding specific solutions to protect the natural environment, especially the oceans.


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