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Eco Font

"After Dutch holey cheese, there now is Dutch software that shoot holes in fonts."

Ecofont is specifically designed to extend the life of ink cartridges and toner by using 25% percent less ink than traditional fonts.Ecofont - the typeface with holes - has grown up. There is now clever software for the office environment which makes use of ink-saving letters. Ecofont Software. You work in your corporate typeface and print in the ink saving eco version.

The benefits:
* Not a font, but a printing solution
* Continue working in your normal (corporate) typeface
* Perfectly readable on screen
* Print eco version with 1 mouse click
* Document formatting stays the same
* User-friendly Ecoprint button with clever saving functions
* Easy to install add-in for MS Word and MS Outlook
* Automatic updates and technical support
* Use of the Ecofont certification and text and image database

Example of ecofont used in the eco-industry:

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