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BMW EfficientDynamics
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BMW EfficientDynamics

Sustainability at the heart of BMW Group’s participation at this year's IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2009

The basic concept behind the BMW brand’s presence at the 2009 IAA focuses on sheer driving pleasure. For the first time, IAA visitors can experience the cars’ design and appeal in motion – thanks to the dynamic presentation of the vehicles on a circuit. The BMW EfficientDynamics fleet presented on the circuit will be an impressive demonstration of the fusion of driving pleasure and low consumption. Thanks to EfficientDynamics, BMW is able to prove uncompromisingly that these are not mutually exclusive.

With its two most recent model generations, BMW Group has reduced the fleet’s consumption in Europe by more than 25 per cent while improving driving pleasure. By the time the IAA opens, BMW will have delivered about 1.4 million vehicles equipped with the award-winning EfficientDynamics technology package. As well as the presentation of the EfficientDynamics fleet, the focus at the BMW stand will be on the world premieres of the hybrid vehicles BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and BMW ActiveHybrid X6 as well as on the world premieres of the BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo and the BMW X1.

Presenting the three brands so close to each other this year will allow BMW Group to state various corporate initiatives. As the organiser of the Junior Campus and the host of the ZEIT Conference, BMW Group will seize the opportunity to set the stage for important social issues such as sustainability. Taking a stand in the socio-political debate on mobility and sustainability, BMW Group’s future summit – the ZEIT Conference – provides a platform for a panel discussion with high-ranking representatives from the worlds of politics, business, architecture and environmental protection. Also, the 2009.2010 Sustainable Value Report will be presented at the BMW Group press conference on 15th September. Sustainability is the central theme of the BMW Group’s exhibition stand concept as well: the Company applies a reusable exhibition system to motor shows and exhibitions. The concept is based on modular, reusable structural elements which reduce the amount of demolition material and waste.

Between 15th and 27th September 2009 children aged between 3 and 13 years can discover the fascination of the sustainability and mobility at the Junior Campus. A workshop explains through play how to handle resources in a responsible manner for children aged between 7 and 13. In addition, a children’s Road Safety School with a driving course located in the outdoor area of the Junior Campus helps children from 3 to 6 behave responsibly in road traffic.


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