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Green Hedgehogs
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Green Hedgehogs

'Hedgehogs' provide a brilliant opportunity to advertise in Central London. Designed to stand out, each electric ‘Hedgehogs’ have advertising boards that cover the sides, rear and top - boldly delivering your campaign in sustainable print.

Seymour Green, the company that came up with this bright idea has researched foot flow, tourism, dining, shopping and trade and chosen the most high profile places in London to station the 'Hedgehogs'.

These locations are ideal for publicity, Bluetooth connectivity/interaction and recycling because of the following reasons:

Numbers - Thousands of people use and pass through these areas every day, the more people around - the more people see your campaign.

Proximity - These areas are saturated with cafes, bars and restaurants with people sitting and relaxing, statistically speaking, this means more Bluetooth downloads.

Convenience - Highly populated and full of eateries, these areas are busy with public looking to dispose of recyclable litter. The public will see your brand/product up close and personal when they are recycling!

Right Time - Hedgehogs operate during the busiest times from 8:00am until 8:00pm Monday to Saturday ensuring that all client’s ads receive maximum coverage.

‘Green’ is becoming increasingly recognised by the public and now is the time to recognise the rewards.

Right People- 'Hedgehogs' provide a brand new, ‘green’ opportunity, a clever mobile-media initiative and a brilliant way of recycling... and what’s more - they move!

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