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Novicomm - Energy efficient, environmentally responsible LED lighting
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Novicomm - Energy efficient, environmentally responsible LED lighting

"Lighting accounts for about 25% of energy consumption in commercial buildings." -- US Dept of Energy

Novicomm develops and manufactures sustainable lighting solutions with advanced light emitting diode (LED) technology. The company has two product divisions: LED bulbs and tubes that replace fluorescents and patented LED Display Panels that replace fluorescent light boxes.

VISION: To transform our world with energy efficient, environmentally responsible LED lighting.

MISSION: To be the market leader and innovator of high quality LED lighting solutions that conserve energy, preserve the environment and provide best value.

The LED Replacement Tubes reduce energy use & maintenance costs:

60,000 hour lifespan, with no replacement bulbs or maintenance
Can SAVE 50% on energy and overall lighting*
Further reduces energy use and prolongs lifespans of peripheral cooling units (A/C, refrigeration)

Novicomm delivers the first UL approved LED lamps available in the U.S. that illuminate high-density commercial spaces with superior light quality and energy efficiency than any other light source. And by complying with Energy Star standards, the LED replacement bulbs help facilities qualify for valuable utility rebates, tax credits and LEED certifications. Safely and effectively replaces fluorescent and incandescent lamps in existing fixtures that pay for themselves within a few short months (lasts 60,000 hours of peak usage) and never require ballasts.

Novicomm LED Display Panels outperform traditional lightboxes by amplifying graphics with superior LED light quality – while reducing operating costs and hazardous materials within facilities.


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