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Eco Office from Fuji Xerox
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Eco Office from Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox Eco Solution focuses on 3 main areas: Optimisation of Output, Optimisation of IT Devices, Document Management and Optimisation of Print-On-Demand.

According to Koji Tezuka, Deputy Senior General Manager, Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, “The Fuji Xerox Eco Solution is all part of our effort to make sustainability succeed in the real-world context of your business. By implementing these simple eco-activities you can realise significant breakthroughs.”

The output optimisation strategy helps organisations optimise the number of print devices in the office. By replacing multiple individual printers with strategically positioned multifunction devices, you can reduce power consumption and save office space. The issues of wastage as well as security risks of uncollected printouts can be reduced by using IC card authentication at the multifunction devices before printing.

With optimisation of IT Devices and Document Management, Fuji Xerox offers enterprise document management solutions that reduce the need to deploy multiple servers. By using Fuji Xerox DocuShare, you can combine file servers from various departments or from offices in various locations into one depository. Users can also leverage on the document management features to store and retrieve documents, and collaborate with their teammates anywhere and anytime. These approaches help you to realise a more efficient workflow and enhance information sharing.

Optimisation of Print-On-Demand helps to generate on-demand marketing collaterals, forms, pamphlets and more. Thus, you can cut down the need to transport printed documents to various office locations, the storage space required to store these materials and reduce wastage of discarding outdated documents.

By using these optimising strategies, you have an ideal solution for your business and the environment. It is about being able to run organisations in an environmentally friendly way while saving cost and energy.

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