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Climate Friendly's goal is to make it quick and easy for businesses and individuals to take immediate and meaningful action on climate change. They do this by investing in renewable energy projects that effectively keep carbon in the ground.

By measuring, offsetting and reducing your company's 'carbon footprint', your sustainability record will be grounded in real and measureable positive change.

Climate Friendly is a 'profit for purpose' company. The company believes that the key to creating large-scale greenhouse savings is via the sustainable business model, where financial health and sustainability are core business goals.

As an International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) member, Climate Friendly supports a reduce-and-offset approach to carbon management, and complies with the ICROA Code of Best Practice.

Climate Friendly supports ICROA to:

•Support rigorous standards for the international voluntary carbon management industry,
•Establish best practice, through the promotion of the ICROA Code of Best Practice and adherence to that Code among its members.
•Provide a credible industry voice on carbon reduction and offset policies, strategies, products, and services to governments, non-governmental organisations, policy makers, businesses, and the media.
•Promote a reduce-and-offset approach to carbon responsibility as the most effective way to achieve timely global carbon reductions. 

Climate Friendly helps our customers to offset and manage their carbon emissions from personal and business activities and at the same time, contributes to growing the renewable energy industry. 

The proprietary online calculators quickly determine how many carbon credits are required to offset the emissions of a particular item, activity or event.

The carbon credits that Carbon Friendly purchases on your behalf are only sourced from accredited and new renewable energy projects. In other words, when you buy Gold Standard and/or Voluntary Carbon Standard carbon credits through Climate Friendly, you're not only offsetting your own emissions, but you're also contributing to the growth of the renewable energy industry - the long-term solution for global warming.


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