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NEC - Tackling Environmental Problems
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NEC - Tackling Environmental Problems

Here are a few of NEC's environmental initiatives:

Global Warming Prevention

NEC aims to reduce CO2 emissions in all of its processes and business operations.

Waste Material Reductions and Proper Processing

NEC has reduced waste emissions and is making advances in proper processing of waste.

Chemical Substance Management and Reductions

NEC carefully examines environmental impact and safety in handling chemical substances. NEC takes all possible measures to reduce consumption of chemical substances and to replace harmful substances with safer ones.

Prevention of Air PollutionNEC takes all possible measures to reduce SOx and NOx emissions.

Preventing Soil Contamination

NEC has performed voluntary soil surveys at all manufacturing sites of NEC Group.

Prevention of Ozone Depletion

NEC implemented measures to prevent ozone depletion including introducing ways to prevent diffusion such as sealing and using collection devices, as well as using a new flux coating system, and a substitute gas cleaning system.

Prevention of Other Kinds of Pollution

NEC conducts environment measurements required by laws and regulations and by local government ordinances based on an annual plan.

Protection of Water Resources

NEC has undertaken activities to reduce water consumption and to protect forests in catchment areas.

Conservation of Biodiversity

NEC is making efforts to protect endangered species.


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