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DHL's GoGreen climate change program
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DHL's GoGreen climate change program

As part of its climate protection program GoGreen, Deutsche Post DHL has set itself the goal of achieving a 30 percent improvement in carbon efficiency by 2020. Deutsche Post DHL was the first logistics company to develop products and services to help retail and business clients to actively protect the climate in addition to setting its own climate protection targets.

With this optional service, all transport-related emissions of carbon dioxide are first calculated and then off-set through internal and external carbon-reduction projects.

Business customers can choose to send all or a selection of their international express shipments as GOGREEN. Business customers who use the GOGREEN service receive GOGREEN stickers to place on their shipments as well as an annual certificate stating the total amount of carbon dioxide which was offset on their behalf during the year.

The carbon credits generated from the internal and external carbon-reduction projects are managed by the in-house Carbon Management team. Carbon Management, all GOGREEN processes and the emissions-calculation methodology are verified annually by a third-party verifier, SGS.

Example of internal projects
Hybrid vehicles
Deutsche Post DHL is the first logistics company in Europe to trial hybrid trucks in its operations. The aim is to reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions by setting up an environmentally-friendly transport and logistics network, and to gather important performance data to further develop the technology.

Example of external projects
Biomass power plant in India
Organic waste such as sugar cane waste, coconut shells, corn cobs, and forestry waste are usually burnt on fields or left to decay. The Biomass Power Plant in Karnataka, India, uses those low-density crop residues for power generation. The power is exported to the state grid, substituting electricity generated by conventional fossil fuels. This way the biomass waste reduces carbon emissions.


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