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New Sony eco Website
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New Sony eco Website

Last week Sony was listed in Environmental Graffiti’s list of the greenest companies of 2009. Their inclusion was due to the company’s involvement in a range of different eco friendly initiatives from the Forest Guard Project to their own series of sustainability lectures. However, recently Sony have also restructured a section of their website to further promote how they are striving to incorporate eco friendly principles and more widely reduce the environmental impact Sony as a company is having on the planet.

The new eco section of the Sony website is focussed around three major principles or the 3Ps as they have been labelled. These 3Ps include Product, Process and Planet. Ultimately the 3Ps have been devised by Sony to look at ways in which they can change their business operations at every level, from the design of products through to manufacturing and recycling.

One of the most interesting new elements of the Sony eco site section deals with how customers and members of the public more widely can save energy and money in a range of environments, from the home to the workplace. One of these energy saving tips highlights how by turning down the brightness of your television it is possible to save enough power to run around 60 loads of laundry. Additionally the energy saving tips section provides information on how new Sony BRAVIA and VAIO products are incorporating features that aid the saving of energy; for example, the ambient light sensor on some VAIO notebooks that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen to match its environment.

The new Sony eco section also presents some of the eco friendly initiatives that were highlighted by Environmental Graffiti in their praise of the company. Details of how the Children’s Climate Call lead to the use of technology to find solutions to forest fires is included, as are details of Sony’s eco lectures on sustainability in business.

This newly revamped eco section of the Sony site provides tangible examples of how the company is striving to reduce its environmental impact..

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